Our Coronavirus Response

We are in unprecedented times. With the recent developments of the Pandemic Covid 19, the Corona Virus has left Americans and the rest of the world in a situation that we could not imagine facing in our lifetimes. We must all make difficult decisions for the protection of ourselves and of our loved ones.

The CDC has recommended that Americans not interact with a group of more than ten people until May 1st. 

To that end, we ask you to make the difficult decision to reschedule your wedding because your date falls within that time frame.

If your wedding falls outside of the orders timespan, you can still request alternative dates to prepare for any coronavirus updates.

Please call our office at 937-269-7163 or email us at weddings@magnoliaestate.com.  Together we will find an available date beyond the quarantine time frame.

We’re so very sorry that you have to experience this. We are here to help you and we thank you for your understanding. The only way we can get through this hardship is to come together in spirit while making the wisest decisions based on the information at hand.

We will work through this to make Happily Ever After, happen.


Julio Sr, Tina, and Julio Jr.